Raw Cacao Truffle Making Class

Raw Cacao Truffle Making Class

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Scarlet will get you started on your chocolate - cacao journey with a few tasty little snippets about this theobromine - "the food of the gods" - chocolate.  

Next, starting with the cacao bean, we'll work with quality ingredients to make raw cacao truffles and a gourmet chocolate station with your favorite fruits and/or nuts.

 At the end of the class you get to take home what you made!

 You’ll learn all about cacao and chocolate including:

• Ethical harvesting and extracting of the chocolate from the raw cacao bean
• All of the many health benefits of cacao and chocolate

 • a brief description into filling chocolate moulds with dark and milk chocolate
• And of course, lots of eating cacao - the world's best chocolate! 

 As for the wine tasting ... what goes better with chocolate?

Come enjoy a lovely wine tasting with one of Ashland's best  hidden secrets - Tapestry Vineyards.   

 Sign up on-line. Class size is limited. 33 dollars preregister  40 dollars at door.